Sab's Catering

Bring Sab’s dishes to your dining table or office! Whether you're organizing a business meeting, a birthday party or a special picnic in the park, Sab's is here to take care of your food and drinks. Sit back and relax while we prepare the most delicious bites and meals to everyone's liking.

If you need a customised order or if someone in your company has any dietary requirements, please let us know — we're happy to find an alternative!

How to get Sab's dishes to your table:

  • The minimum order amount is €150;
  • Minimum order of 10 pieces of each item
  • All dishes will be delivered with an instruction on how to heat and serve the dishes
  • Dishes can be served with china and cutlery, for this we ask 10% extra on the total amount
  • Your order can be picked up at Sab's Deli on Scheldeplein 20. If you prefer to have your order delivered, please let us know so we can see what's possible


  • Quiche of the day €2,75
  • Gazpacho €2,00
  • Fresh smoothie with banana, stawberry and orangeblossom €2,00
  • Large salad with greens and a French vinaigrette €3,75
  • Sandwich with tuna salad and spicy cucumber €4,25
  • Sandwich dried Parmaham, tomato tapenade topped with buffalo mozzarella cheese & rocket salad €4,25
  • Sandwich Old Amsterdam cheese with balsamic pickled onions and salted pecans €4,25
  • Wrap with hot-smoked salmon, nigella seeds, creamcheese, red onion and lamb's lettuce €4,75
  • Wrap with pulled chicken and chimichurri €4,75
  • Wrap with homemade hummus, grilled veggies & rocket salad €4,75

Fresh & small

Lovely canapés to serve during a late afternoon meeting or to spice up your event at home.

  • Gazpacho with tomato caviar and sourdough crouton €2,00
  • Homemade falafel paddies with tahin & lemon dip €2,00
  • Yellow beet tartare with soft goat cheese and crispy wonton €2,50
  • Watercress cream with avocado, smoked salmon and lumpfish eggs €2,50
  • Trout mouse with crayfish tails and fresh radish €2,75
  • Vega sausage roll with sweet potato, spinach & feta cheese €2,00
  • Brioche with duck rillette caramelised onion and afilla cress €2,50
  • Beef sausage roll with spices &
    poppy seeds €2,00
  • Crispy puff pastry with slow-cooked veal, tuna mayonnaise and apple caper €2,50

Check out Sab's platter to add even more nibbles and snacks to your table!

Meal boxes

  • Green salad with hot-smoked salmon, edamame beans, pickled cucumber, spring onion and a yogurt & mint dressing. Served with a small rustique baquette €8,50
  • Parmesan and oregano chicken meatballs with fresh pomodori sauce & rigatoni pasta, served with rocket salad €8,50
  • Rotisserie French small chicken marinated in Provencal herbs €8,50
  • Homemade falafel, fresh couscous salad with greenpeas, parsley and vadouvan. Served with grilled veggies and a yogurt & mint sauce €8,50
  • Green lasagne with spinach, grilled courgette, green peas, fresh basil, ricotta & parmesan cheese, served with rocket salad €8,50