Sab's Deli

At Sab’s Deli we provide you with simply good food, made with love from the best ingredients.
We serve daily fresh made baguettes and wraps, platters, meals and desserts. All products are displayed seperately at our Deli, here we are happy to answer your questions, give advise or adjust meals to your dietry or likings.
Check out the Dutch or English menu below for our complete lunch and dinner assortment.
A selection of our menu can also be ordered via Deliveroo and Uber Eats. Check their app of website for our delivery options.

In addition to our Deli, we offer unique and high-quality products in our shop. From specially selected wines and tasty bites to locally produced vegan mayonnaise. Come by and take a look, we are glad to show you around!

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Deli & Delivery menu September 2020

Sab's platter

Platter filled with fresh and delicious goodies. Serves as a full meal for two.

  • Fresh rustique baquette
  • Scrocchi
  • Duck rilettes with cornichons
  • Dried Parma ham
  • French cheese with balsamic onions
  • Tuna dip with za'tar and lemon
  • Homemade hummus with crunchy chickpeas
  • Marinated veggies

Served in a takeaway box for €13,50 per person.


  • Rotisserie chicken Portuguese or Provençal marinated €15,95
  • Coquelet marinated in Provençal herbs & spices €8,95
  • Parmesan and parsley meatballs with fresh pomodori sauce & spaghetti pasta, served with rocket salad €9,95
  • Homemade falafel, fresh couscous salad with greenpeas, parlsey and vadouvan. Served with grilled veggies and a yogurt & mint sauce €12,50
  • Moroccan marinated chicken thighs served with couscous salad with greenpeas, parlsey and vadouvan. With grilled veggies €13,50
  • Baked pasta with wild mushrooms, French onion and gruyere cheese €9,95
  • Creamy salmon with mustard and dill sauce served with spinach and lemon rice €13,50
  • Flamish brown beer meatstew with liege sirup, roseval potatoes & carrots €13,50

Salads & Sides

  • Green salad with hot-smoked salmon, sweet potatoes, edamame beans, pickled cucumber, spring onion & an asian lemon dressing. Served with a small rustique baguette €12,50
  • Green side salad with herbs. Small or large €3,50 / €5,50
  • Coleslaw, made with vegan mayonnaise €2,75
  • Couscous with peas, parsley and spices €3,50
  • French fries from Friethoes €3,50
  • Family bag french fries from Friethoes €9,50

Pastry & Sandwiches

  • Quiche of the day €2,75
  • Beef sausage roll with herbs and spices €3,50
  • Sandwich with homemade hummus, grilled veggies & rocket salad €4,95
  • Sandwich with dried Parmaham, tomato tapenade, topped with buffalo mozzarella cheese & rocket salad €4,95
  • Sandwich Old Amsterdam cheese with balsamic pickled onions and salted pecans €4,95
  • Wrap with hot-smoked salmon, nigella seeds, mint & lemon mayonaise, red onion and lamb's lettuce €5,75
  • Wrap with pulled chicken and chimichirri €5,75


  • Veggies marinated daily changing, fresh herbs and spices
  • Roseval potatoes with garlic and rosemary
  • Homemade falafel with fresh herbs
  • Maroccan marinated chicken thighs
  • Meatballs with parsley and parmesan

  • Baked lemon cheesecake with lemon and Bastogne cookie
  • Chocolate brownie with haselnut

Drinks & Beers

  • San Pellegrino €2,75
  • Aqua Panna €2,75
  • Pinky rose lemonade, spiced lemon & rose €3,25
  • Pinky rose lemonade, floral ginger & orange €3,25
  • Heineken bottle €3,25
  • Heineken 0,0 bottle €3,25


Special selected wines by Wijnimport Bart.

  • Le Pinada, Chardonnay, 2018 €9,95
  • Fattori, Soave, 2019 €14,95
  • T'wines, Grenache, Cinault & Syrah, 2019 €9,95
  • Quartaut, Merlot, 2018 €9,95
  • Marosso Appassimento, 2018 €14,95
  • Domaine du Bicheron, Crémant de Bourgogne €24,95

Come by our Deli for more information about our wine selection.

Goods from our store

  • Bonilla chips can 500 gram €18,50
  • Bonilla chips small bag 150 gram €4,95
  • Koffie van Hoorn, single origin coffee, Indonesië Sumatra Mandheling Raja Gayo 250 gram €7,90
  • Koffie van Hoorn, single origin coffee, Cuba Serrano Superior 250 gram €7,90
  • Koffie van Hoorn, single origin coffee, Guatamala SHB Santa Rosa €250 gram €7,90
  • Koffie van Hoorn, single origin coffee, Ethiopia Tirgacheffe 250 gram €8,50
  • Koffie van Hoorn, single origin coffee, Peru Swiss water Decaf 250 gram €8,50
  • Oliveoil from France AOC 500 ml €19,95
  • Mayosisters vegan mayonaise €5,75